Centurions + Crusaders

Which badge where? guide to where to place the well-earned badges on the uniform may be found by clicking on the following link - 

The Centurion Troop have taken part in a wide range of activities, some of which are shown in the following photos -

                                                                                                 Winter Camp 2012

New skills were learnt at winter camp

Winter camp at Horley. Two nights camping, pitching tents in the dark and in the wind and rain!  A five mile hike using map reading, first aid  and pioneering skills.  Skinning pheasant, gutting fish and preparing veg. were all part of the experience.  Rewarded by gaining the Chief Scout Gold Award.


camp fire's burning...


Nene whitewater centre [jun '10]

A big thank you must go to the Centurion troop leaders - David, Alan, Cathy, Kathy, Andrew and Sue.

[photos: Kathy]


<<< the Troop [feb '12]

the annual duck race [apr '12]

     spot the ducks!

barbecuing [jun '10]