Lions + Panthers

Which badge where? guide to where to place the well-earned badges on the uniform may be found by clicking the followin - 

   Here is a selection of photos of some of the  activities the Panthers have enjoyed ...

Time to get those running shoes on!


creative salt dough



'Cooking doesn't get tougher than this...!'

A trip to Gulliver's Land to learn the skills of Robin Hood!  Under the guidance of an instructor the Cubs enjoyed taking part in an archery session 

A couple of potential winners?

A trip to New Bradwell Windmill -

Built in the early 1800's from local stone, the windmill has three floors.  An unusual feature is the fireplace, only one other windmill in Britain is known to have this feature as flour dust is very explosive!

The mill has two sets of millstones, one pair made of stone from Derbyshire and the other of stone from the Paris region.

The mill ceased working in 1876.

              learning the ropes...

time to get outside and learn how to light and cook on an open fire...

easter cookie decorating

recent investiture and presentation of badges

        Chinese New Year


Getting ready for the 'off''!



Off to the races!

          our next generation of Towcester