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Which badge where? guide to where to place the well-earned badges on the uniform may be found by clicking on the following link - 

The Beavers enjoyed a session of pond dipping at Belle Baulk.  Equipped with all the necessary gear they enthusiastically examined their catch of pond life, which included some small fish, frogs and water-born insects .

On being told that you can look after Macaroni for the next two weeks....                            

                              photo: Christine B.           

A trip to Towcester Museum -

On a visit to the Museum the Beavers learned all about life in Lactodorum [Towcester] at the time of the Roman occupation.

The Beavers hunted around for Roman objects found in the area and looked at the displays showing everyday items such as  pots, utensils, footwear and jewellery.  An added attraction was the appearance of a real-life Roman Soldier!  He told the Beavers all about life in the army and the uniform he was wearing.  Finally, a number of the Beavers got to trying on his helmet for size!


finding the objects


        A tour around historic Towcester

      Some spooky goings-on at Halloween!

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